Our Cocker Spaniels

Our Cocker Spaniels

Our Girls

Here at Buckeye Country Kennel, we have several girls, but not all of them are part of our breeding program – Yes, dog breeders have pet dogs too!!


Upcoming Girls’ that are Growing Up….

Sugar B & BCK’s Cup of Coffee in the MorningCoffee” is one of our sweet little Chocolate & Tan point girls that is Megan’s dog and will be a first time mom in 2023. We look forward to seeing all the beautiful show puppies that Coffee brings to our program and lives!


BCK’s There’s A Rumor Going ‘RoundRumor” Is the Black & Tan girl that I had my heart set on. Luckily, I knew just where to find a wonderful & sweet black & tan – The same place I got Louie from – And that’s exactly what I did!

Rumor is due to have puppies February 1, 2023 and we’re extremely excited for her and Drew!


Namees & BCK’s Dancing In The Casey’s “Casey”.  Casey is the younger of our two Chocolate & Tan girls’, but she’s definitely not the quiet type!! We are waiting for Casey to get into the show ring, but we’re looking forward to watching her shine!


Next is our very own BCK’s I Just Wanna Buy You Roses “Rosie” who was born to Lucy & Charlie and was a singleton puppy. Rosie will be going to show, but will only be an owner-handled dog, as she only knows here as home and will spend her life here with us.


Lucy is now retired and will be spending the rest of her many years here with us.

Lola is a PET ONLY and is not part of our breeding program.

Lola is a cuddly and energetic Chocolate Merle that loves to go on runs or just curl up on your lap and cuddle for the day. She was named “Her Name is Lola” after the song “Copacabana (At the Copa)” and she sure is a show girl! Lola loves to jump and does so much higher than most Cocker Spaniels do! Her favorite foods are pumpkin bread and turkey sandwiches.

Lola is a PET ONLY and is not part of our breeding program.

Lucy is our little one here and is on the small end of the conformation scale. Lucy is a White & Buff Parti colored Cocker and her Buff darkened to almost Red as she grew up. She was named “Lucy In the Sky with Kaleidoscope Eyes” after the song “Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds”. Lucy loves to cuddle, go for walks, and is the most talkative of our Cockers. Her favorite food is bananas and we have to hide the peels cause she will even try to eat them! Lucy and Lola are pretty much inseparable except for when it’s bath time.

Lucy is retired as of 3/31/2022.



Our Boys

We have three wonderful boys here – and they all bring something different to the table!

Louie is one of our fluffy, happy boys here at Buckeye Country Kennel. Louie is a Black & Tan and is perfectly symmetrical in his coat pattern. He was named after the song “Louie Louie” and he loves to play fetch with a ball, as long as you don’t want it back. Louie enjoys walks, car rides, and gladly alerts us when a package arrives. He also loves bath time and his favorite food is burgers.



Sugar B & BCK’s Chalk Dust “Drew”

Drew is our only Parti Cocker (for now) and is currently out with our Professional Handler to be finished. Currently, he is singled out and hopefully will be home in the beginning of June after he’s finished!